Some Pictures from the Patchett Family Archives

Charles Patchett (Graham's grandfather, "Pa")

Grandfather Patchett - "Pa"

Grandma Patchett

Eliza Margaret ...

Grandmother Patchett?

Cousin Stan's Royal Moment

Cousin Stan's Day of Glory

Harold Patchett (My Dad)

My Father

Annie Patchett (nee Sutcliffe)

Anee Patchett (Manna)

Harold and Anne's Wedding

Harold and Annine Wedding

First Home - Hiropi Street, Wellington

Hiropi Street - First home

My father with me (only picture!)

Harold and Graham

Manna and me

Manna with Graham
Manna with Graham (again)

Guess who


Aunt Nettie (McEwan nee Patchett)

Nettie Patchett

Lorraine (cousin) with Nettie and Uncle Duncan McEwan

Nettie, Duncan & Lorraine

Graham on back of horse

Graham on back of horse

First formal pictures

 Graham - Formal Portrait
First coat and tie

Manna and me - First formal suit

Manna and Graham - Formal

Self Portrait

Self portrait - with hair!

At Work - DSIR

At Work circa 1954

At Play - Ruapehu

At Play - circa 1951

At Home - with class mouse

At parenting - Class pet

Faye in Bridal Regalia

Faye - July 1959

Wedding Day - July 11 1959

Wedding Day -